Students who attend HCTC on a full-time basis, complete their academic curriculum during half of their day and attend their trade program for the other half of the day. Students are enrolled in the academic coursework based on the graduation requirements determined by their sending school. The sending school Guidance Counselors provide information to the academic instructors prior to the start of the school year and an academic schedule is constructed based on student needs.

Students will be instructed using an individualized approach appropriate for them. Students will only be enrolled in coursework their sending school requires. Students will receive these academics using a variety of instructional and curriculum models. The majority of the curriculum will be delivered using SpringBoard, while other coursework will be completed by using Compass Learning and/or a project-based approach. There will be multiple opportunities to complete both service learning and community service requirements as well.

It is strongly recommended that students complete requirements in Physical Education, Fine Arts, and Health prior to enrolling at HCTC. When this is not possible, exceptions will be made on a case by case basis.

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