Our Parents, Teachers, and Friends (PTF) group meets about once a month to plan activities such as the Fall Festival and Walk-a-thon. The money raised by organizing and running these events is used to promote the fine arts at the school. Bringing authors and performers to school, as well as sending students on field trips are examples how PTF funds are expended. We greatly appreciate their work. Meetings are held the third Thursday of each month at 6:00 pm in the EEMS library or cafeteria. 


We at EEMS and the ESD, value parents and community members who wish to volunteer in our schools. Please see the attached Volunteer Handbook as a resource.

Before being accepted to volunteer, all volunteers must attend a training session once per year *and also have their name/information go through a criminal background check through the Maine State Police at no cost to the individual.

* (All ESD staff are required to have FERPA, and many other trainings at the start of each year as well. The material covered in this training is covered with all ESD staff each year.)

ESD Volunteer Handbook