Hancock County Technical Center

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Mission and Vision

Hancock County Technical Center’s

Mission and Vision Statement


Our Mission

Engaging students with rigorous and relevant career and technical education for success in the post-secondary and industrial world.


Our Vision

High Expectations of Teaching and Learning:

  • Provide high quality instructors who inspire and engage students while continuously improving their craft.

  • Incorporate effective instructional strategies into the learning environment.

  • Provide instruction that is data-driven and provide evaluative measures for student performance.

  • Provide state of the art industry driven curriculum linking industry and Common Core standards to learning for students.


Our School Climate and Culture:

  • Provide a safe and professional positive learning environment.

  • Recognize and Celebrate instructor and student growth.

  • Provide student and Teacher ownership of high expectations.

  • Accept and respect for student diversity.

  • Foster healthy and supportive relationships.


Our Collaboration With Our Communities:

  • Cultivate effective advisory boards working within program areas to stay current with industry standards.

  • Explore educational opportunities within the local community and area businesses.

  • Foster continuous communication and meaningful relationships with our sending schools.

  • Utilize the team approach through collaboration with students, parents and staff ensuring the success of our students.